Gutters - Flat-face Fascia

Our Flat Face Fascia Style gutter is a cut above. The difference between the commonly used style and the one offered by Watertite, is the wide, 3 1/4" Bottom. The 5" or 6" depth of this gutter easily hides the ends of exposed rafter tails, so no fascia board is required.

We also provide the option of changing the appearance of this high-capacity gutter. The Flat front can be entirely SMOOTH or have a ¼ or 1 ½ inch indent extending the length of each piece.

5" K-Line Gutter

Watertite is committed to having the highest quality workmanship and professional service available. The superior quality of our installations along side our 5 year Labor warranty make Watertite the natural choice for gutter installations.

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recycle gutter material

Recyclable products and environmental impact have always been a major influence in selecting the products and services we provide. All of our rain gutter products, rain barrels, and accessories are made from materials that are 100% recyclable.